Funel heking live on 2020

Hi, [Boss’ Are you online],
With your permission, I would love to attend one of the hottest sales, marketing, and funnel events of the
year…Funnel Hacking Live 2020 in Nashville TN from Jan 28-Feb 1.
I know that attending this 4-day global conference will have a profound impact on our company and our
department. Here’s why:
The entire event content is focused on fueling efficiency, lead flow, and generating sales using simple funnels
and proven processes. This can save our company a ton of time, energy, resources, and money.
The founder and host of FHL is Russell Brunson, who took his company, ClickFunnels, from Zero to
$100 Million in sales in just 3 years…without any investor capital. Also, Russell helps create nearly a
millionaire a day when entrepreneurs and biz owners follow his sales, marketing, and funnel strategies.
We’re going to get 4 days of ACTIONABLE strategies and content that I can bring back so we can
implement them in our company to fatten our bottom line and grow our company.
We can expect to get ‘insider secrets’ that we can use to boost leads, sales, and productivity.
The prospect of attending FHL excites me because of what I’ll learn and discover…and share with everyone
here in the office. That includes:
-Step by step time-tested blueprints and formulas for rapid implementation
-Cutting edge knowledge bombs from the world’s best experts in social media, sales, marketing, funnel
building, traffic, lead gen, branding, online presentations, growing and scaling, persuasion, and so much more
-Unique solutions to company challenges
-Direct access to the experts at roundtables to ask any questions we have
-Networking with 4500+ successful biz owners, entrepreneurs, and companies from around the world
As you can see, this is a golden opportunity to learn, discover, and bring back world class intel to you and the
company on what’s working CONSISTENTLY and SUCCESSFULLY across a ton of industries.
FHL is running a special on tickets right now, so it’s a steal at $995. I’m happy to send you a total breakdown
for the room, meals, transportation, and airfare if you like.
Just Click here

to see for yourself what the event is all about, why I’m so passionate about going, and why it’s
not just another boring ‘seminar:’ FHL 2020

Get it now
More full detail click here
Full comunity Are you ready click here
Happy new year Are you okay

here is a company engaged in marketing and we provide everything you need to do the right sales and strategy

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